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Hi, my name is Modestas, I am a freelance graphic designer, WEB developer, and photographer. If you are looking for a professional and complying with the deadline person, I am at your service. I strive to give a new look to every unique project and find the best appealing solution.

Feel free to check my portfolio.

portrait photo Modestas Baranauskas

Modestas Baranauskas

WEB design

Bring your website into the modern age with a responsive web design. Responsive websites can be viewed easily on any device.

WEB development

WordPress has made the lives easier to get a fully functional website developed in a quick time. Novice users can easily manage the content of the website.

WEB maintenance

Helping improve the performance and security of your websites, keep your website up-to-date.

Graphic desing

Branding tailored to your brand’s culture, core values & distinction. I take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities.

Event photography

With experience shooting events large and small, I have the unique perspective and personality to pull out the best from you and your event.

Analog photography

Along with my defined vision of aesthetics that is natural, honest and elegant, I believe that the most beautiful images are created when all the elements work harmoniously together.

My skills

I have extensive experience working with graphic editors. I’m always looking for new ways to create something unique. The greatest passion is drawing cartoon – I want to give the world even more color.

Completed WEB development (Full-stack) courses in „Vilnius Coding School“.  The knowledge I have gained allows me to freely realize my ideas from the ground up.

Digital or analogue? That’s the question. I’m the person who will make you feel, that film photography is still alive.

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PHP / Mysql

Digital & Film photography


Less talking, more working - because only works can show what can't be said in words. Stay tuned!

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Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your visions.

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